About Us

After working as an admissions officer at a highly selective university, Aya recognized that students from low-income communities and first generation college households did not have access to the same critical information and resources necessary to be successful in the college admissions process. Students from under-resourced schools often lack the sophisticated college guidance and support that their more affluent peers. As college counselors and college guidance staff in these schools often have larger caseloads, students often do not receive the academic advising and encouragement to apply not only to the nation’s most selective institutions, but also in-state colleges and universities that may be a better fit. Founded in 2016, the College Admissions Literacy Consulting Company (CALCC) aims to fill this gap by providing college guidance and college admissions literacy consulting to students denied access to information that can strengthen not only their college applications, but also their confidence and literacy in the college admissions process.


The College Admissions Literacy Consulting Company (CALCC) is committed to equipping high school students and their parents with meaningful skills, information and resources to successfully navigate the college admissions process. CALCC aims to provide support during the various stages of the college application including, goal setting, school identification and target arrangement, personal statements revision and support, interview preparation, financial aid and standardized test advising and support, and college decision advising. Additionally, CALCC will provide individual support for students aimed at identifying colleges and programs that are the best fit for each student, as well as identifying various resources such as free fly-in programs and summer bridge programs. Finally, CALCC will provide general college information through group and community workshops and presentations.