How It Works

Colleges and universities look at more than standardized test scores and GPA when reviewing candidates. Beyond your performance in the classroom, admissions officers want to know about your leadership, your passions, experiences and background!

As a former admissions officer and college guidance counselor, Aya strategically works with each student to strengthen their understanding of the college process and their college application using a 4-point plan.



Before making any assessments or generalizations about the candidate, Aya seeks to learn about her students. What are you passionate about? What experiences have most shaped your identity? Why is attending college important to you?



After learning more about the student and in order to provide adequate student-centered Asupport, a full assessment of the student’s current academic profile is required. This assessment includes reviewing the student’s academic transcript, high school profile, standardized test scores, list of extra-curricular participation and awards and honors.




Once a student profile is established, Aya consults the student online, and, in some instances in-person, setting goals and identifying appropriate targets to strengthen application content at both the college guidance stage and college application stage.





The college admissions process does not conclude once students submit applications! Students often need support identifying and applying for scholarshipsS and deciding which college to attend after acceptance. Aya works to support students in this difficult process, helping them to weigh their options and identify relevant fly-in programs.